Transparent Waterproofing

A waterbased silicone liquid used for water repellency of buildings and building materials. Ideal for preventing humidity from rising within walls (rising damp).

Datasheet Rising Damp Flyer
Product Uses

- Ideal for waterproofing facebrick walls or treating rising damp

- Can be applied to rooftiles, cement walls, Brick, fibre-board, gypsum, plaster

Caution: Product must only be applied to porous surface. Product is corrosive and rubber gloves must be worn during application



- Transparent water repellent

- Liquid Silicone

- Can be easily overcoated


Product Information

- Pack sizes: 1l and 5l

- Colours: Clear Only

- Spreading rate: 5 - 12 m2/l


Application Instructions

- Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle until homogeneous

- Method: Brush or water spray bottel

Please note that if a garden spray tank or bottel is used, it should not contain ferrous components

- Thinning: No thinning required

- Cleaning: Water

- Substrate: Clean, prepared cement plaster, concrete, fibre-cement, ceiling boards, gypsum plaster, etc

- Touch dry: 30 min

- Recoating: Test small area to see if a second coat is required. Recoat after 2hours

For detailed information please refer to the product specifications

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