Megabond offers a waterproofing range to fix just about any waterproofing problem, residential or commercial. We were one of the first companies to offer a fibre reinforced waterproofing solutions. After almost 20 years of proven results, the other guys are only now trying to imitate. We are one of only a hand full of suppliers who offers a waterbased water repellent. Our products are innovative and come with a proven track record. Our products are available from all good paint and hardware stores..

  • Megabond Proof

    Megabond Proof (previously know as Megabond Roof), is a fibre reinforced water proofing solution for most types of roofs and parapet walls.

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  • Pool and Pond

    Pool&Pond is a cement based waterproofing for concrete/plastered areas which is constantly under water

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  • Flexibond

    Flexibond is a cement additive which not only waterproofs the cement, but also enhances the cement mixture

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  • Waterblock

    Waterblock is a clear waterbased water repellent to waterproof pores surfaces

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  • Megaclad

    Megabond is a premium quality pure acrylic waterproofing for walls and other vertical surfaces

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