Two-pack waterproofing

Megabond Pool & Pond is a two pack cement bases waterproofing system. It dries to form a strong, hard surface. Due to its structure, it does not allow water to penetrate the film like a normal waterproof coating. This prevents the coating from softening when emerged in water making it highly suitable for fish ponds, dams and pools. Its strong film will prevent pots or structures damaging the film. This also makes Pool & Pond ideal to waterproof surfaces that will be over tiled.

Datasheet MSDS Flyer
Product Uses

- Ideal for Fish-ponds, Dams, Pools, Showers, Balconies



- Extremely Durable

- Low VOC

- Can be overcoated with wide variety of paints

- APEO, Ammonia and Formaldehyde free

- Superior flexural, and impact strength

- Excellent abrasion resistance

- Can be tiled over

- Can be applied to damp surfaces


Product Information

- Pack sizes: 2kg and 10kg

- Colours: White Only

- Spreading rate: 2 m2/l


Application Instructions

- Mixing: The product contains two containers. Add the content of the small container into the big container and used the glove provided to mix by hand and ensure all lumps are removed.

- Method: Brush

- Pot Life: 30 minutes

- Thinning: No thinning required. If the product harden, water may be added to improve workability

- Cleaning: Water

- Substrate: Clean, prepared cement plaster, concrete, fibre-cement, ceiling boards, gypsum plaster, etc

- Touch dry: 30 min

- Recoating: 30 min

- Apply copiously by brush or roller to achieve complete obliteration

For detailed information please refer to the product specifications

Should you have any queries or require any information please contact MEGAGBOND : 021 552 8368