Premium Waterproofing

Seal & Protect Exterior wall Waterproofing

Seal & Protect is a highly washable and stain resistant wall coating. With its extreme UV and weathering resistance, Megaclad is the ideal coating for a long lasting exterior surface. Utilizing the latest pure acrylic technology, it can easily wipe away dirt and prevent stain marks’ penetrating the surface ensuring the coating stays attractive for years to come.

Datasheet MSDS Flyer
Product Uses

- For application to suitable prepared steel or tile roofs.

- Ideal for storage rooms, garage, corrugated iron roofs, wendy houses, stoep and so much more.



- Extremely Durable

- Low VOC

- Premium coating with a hard wearing finish

- Quick drying - 2 coats can be applied in one day

- No paint smell when dry

- Brilliant white non-yellowing finish

- Stain resistant and easily cleaned


Product Information

- Pack sizes: 1l, 5l and 20l

- Colours: White, Pastel, Deep, Clear

- Spreading rate: 8 - 10 m2/l


Application Instructions

- Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle until homogeneous

- Method: Brush or roller. A 10 mm nap roller gives best results

- Thinning: No thinning required

- Cleaning: Water

- Substrate: Clean, prepared cement plaster, concrete, fibre-cement, ceiling boards, gypsum plaster, etc

- Touch dry: 30 min

- Recoating: Recoat after 2hours

- Apply copiously by brush or roller to achieve complete obliteration

For detailed information please refer to the product specifications

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