Megabond Crackfiller is a premixed crackfiller which is ready to use when ever you are. It is formulated to be able to easily sand to smooth and is easy to overcoat with any household decorative coating.

Datasheet Flyer
Product Uses

- Product mainly used to fill from hairline to larger cracks



- Very easy to apply

- Very easy to overcoat

- Flexible

- Very low odour

- Extremely Durable

- For Interior and Exterior use


Product Information

- Pack sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1l and 5l

- Colours: Off White

- Spreading rate: As Needed


Application Instructions

- Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle until homogeneous

- Method: Apply using a paint scraper or spackle

- Thinning: Product should not be diluted

- Cleaning: Water

- Substrate: Clean, prepared cement plaster, concrete, fibre-cement, ceiling boards, gypsum plaster, etc

- Touch dry: From 30 min, depending on application

- Recoating: Overcoat after 24hours

For detailed information please refer to the product specifications

Should you have any queries or require any information please contact MEGAGBOND : 021 552 8368