• Trendy Colours

    Earthy neutral colours are still dominating the DIY market where people find comfort in safe and easy to match colours. But we do see spruces of bold colours coming in once and a while. Colours like bright orange, dark blues and purples, proofs popular with the bolder decorator. If you want to catch the wave early, look at greys. They are getting more and more attention as of late. Mix in a clean blue or green as accent colour and people will want to copy you.


RAL 1001


RAL 7044

Light Ivory

RAL 1015

Brown Beige

RAL 1011

Pearl Gold

RAL 1036

Pumpkin Purple 1

RAL 8016

Chocolate Brown

RAL 8017

Green Beige

RAL 1000

Khaki Grey

RAL 7008

Bermuda Bar 3

RAL 1024

Turquoise 3

RAL 8025

Quartz Grey

RAL 7039